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BassetT Furniture direct


Bassett Furniture Direct -
Southwest Freeway

Houston, Texas

Bassett Furniture Direct

Levinson and Associates

Completion Date
October 2002

Gross Square Footage

Located on the S.W. Freeway, this site was personally selected by the Owner to be their Flagship Store. It is Bassett's first 2-story facility, and the only store to be owned and operated by the Bassett family.

The 2-story structural steel frame building is constructed with metal stud framing, featuring an exterior of brick masonry units, split face masonry units, suspended steel canopies, plaster stucco walls and E.I.F.S. on the upper portions of the exterior skin to enable the detailed cornice trims, coins, reveals, and built up parapet walls to achieve the buildings dramatic presence. The exterior also incorporates signage which backlights colored photos for illuminated display during of the night time hours.

The Bassett logos also bring forth new technology in the signage area with lettering that changes colors. During the daytime the Bassett logo is black, but at night the letters change to white for optimal crispness to travelers driving by the facility.

The interior of the building is set up for optimum showcasing of Bassett's furniture selections with different colored vignettes on both floors allowing for all types of room environments. The flooring is stone, wood, carpet, ceramic flooring throughout the facility with a carpet racetrack which takes the customer through the display areas.

The main element of design when entering the facility is the monumental staircase, which is trimmed out in maple, with a stainless steel handrail. All interior trim, fabric display casework and other featured items are all constructed out of stained maple.




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