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KTRK-TV Channel 13


KTRK-TV Channel 13
Digital Renovation & Addition

Houston, Texas

ABC Broadcasting - Disney Corporation

Rees Associates (Dallas, Texas)

Completion Date
May 2001

Gross Square Footage
12,500 GSF New Addition
40,000 GSF Renovation

The KTRK TV-Channel 13 (ABC-Houston affiliate) project was a multi-phased project requiring constant communication and proper scheduling from all team members. This project earmarked the stations conversion to a complete digital video transmission.

With the Sony Corporations schedule serving as the critical path, the completion of construction documents (Phase I & II) and actual construction needed to accommodate Sony's time frames. Any delays in the construction phase, would have delayed Channel 13’s digital conversion by (up to) 6 months.

Phase I of the project included constructing a new 12,000 sf shell expansion to the existing domed building. The expansion was to be constructed between the existing building, Channel 13's operational helicopter pad and multiple broadcast transmission satellites serving their ongoing network. Exterior walls consisted of limestone panels to match the existing, prefabricated aluminum panels forming a radius wall and a split-face CMU stair tower.

Phase II consisted of a multi-phased plan including the interior build-out of the new expansion for the Sony control center (SCC). After the completion of the SCC, construction shifted into the existing (40+ year old) domed building which required extensive interior renovations to the engineering offices, restroom facilities, new locker-rooms, renovations to the remaining control centers, revamping of the 'MEP' mezzanine that has housed a 'spaghetti-bowl' of old and current cables, conduit, wiring and feeders dating back to the 1960's. This project was successfully completed without incident and interruptions to their daily operations.



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