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Triple S Steel Supply Company - Temper Mill Facility


Triple S Steel Supply Company - Temper Mill Facility
Houston, Texas

Triple S Steel Holdings, LP

Studio King Architects

Completion Date
February 2013

Gross Square Footage
120,000 sf New Metal Building Construction
for Temper Mill Facility, Motor Control Building
and Office Building

The project features a 3,200 square foot brick fa├žade building which has offices, support space and conference space for the employees.

Construction work on the new Triple S Steel Temper Mill facility was completed on time and within the budget constraints mandated by the Owner. The completed project is truly remarkable in its size, appearance, and unique production capabilities.

The new Triple S Steel Temper Mill Building is located in Houston, Texas along the Houston Ship Channel. The new complex consists of 120,000 square feet of pre-fabricated metal buildings joined together to house the largest cut-to-length steel line in the world.

The temper mill process produces stay flat steel from steel which has previously arrived to the facility on coils. Because of the enormous weight of the Temper Mill machinery and the loaded coils, the design and construction of the concrete foundations for the building and the equipment were critical. The foundations had to support the large loads and had to be designed and constructed to receive the Temper Mill equipment. Because of the requirements of the equipment, extremely strict tolerances were required during the placement of all concrete for the project.

The new production area at the Triple S Steel facility area features three overhead bridge crane system, one 60 ton system and two 30 ton systems to assist in moving the steel product.

The facility also includes a rail spur at the back of the new facility which was designed to bring steel coil shipments directly to the new buildings.





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