LEED is the acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  There is a large and growing demand for sustainable, healthy and energy efficient projects.  Mission Constructors follows the green building basics:  site planning, structures built with recycled materials, locally harvested goods, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environmental air quality enhancement, operations and maintenance optimization and waste reduction.

Mission Constructors ensures that each LEED project is supported by a team led by a Mission LEED coordinator, subcontractors and suppliers who are familiar and efficient with the LEED process.  All suppliers and subcontractors must follow the LEED requirements of the project and submit the proper documentation showing the materials (site, concrete, masonry, metals, wood, plastics, insulation, doors, windows, frames, hardware and all specialty items) being submitted will properly meet the LEED requirements of the project.  Mission Constructors implements an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plan that maintains a clean work site throughout the building process, preventing unwanted dust and particulate from entering the HVAC system.  All construction waste is closely sorted, document, monitored and recycled.  On average, well over 75% of the waste generated on our LEED projects is diverted from a landfill through waste sorting and recycling thus creating a better environment for the future.
The main objective of a GREEN building project is to efficiently use energy, water and to reduce waste, pollution and environmental degradation.  Studies have shown over a 20 year life period, some green buildings have yielded a $53 to $71 per square foot return on investment.

Mission Constructors Current LEED Projects:

Mirabeau B/Livegreen
Monarch School-Gold
Neighborhood Centers, Inc.-Baker Ripley
Amazing Place-Silver
Westgreen Medical Complex

Monarch School